[gundam] Moustache Gundam vs. Razor Devil...

Oliver Barder (O.J.Barder@psy.hull.ac.uk)
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 00:40:31 +0000

...it was a time of darkness. The omnipresent Gilette Corporation
controlled the globe with its use of cybernetically enhanced razors,
eradicating 5 o'clock shadows everywhere. The human race was
trapped through the cunning deviousness of the irrepressible Gilette

...but little did Gilette know that the bearded masses were prepared
to retaliate...

Their secret weapon had finally been finished. Moustache Gundam, a truly
fearsome beast. The creators even decided to use a moustache motif on
the head so as to taunt the infamous Gilette Corporation...

...can Moustache Gundam avoid the countless disposable Gilette Blue II
razors, or is it in for a close shave...

Find out next week on "World of Hair Gel"...

<BTW I am knackered, hence the above>

Mata aouze


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