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>Now my friend claims that Gundam is the first anime that got rid of this
>yelling and screaming and dancing before the special attacks and
>transformation (Gundam core fighter combination). It's all just no
>nonsense bussiness. Is that true?
>CHIN, Chien Ting

well, I've got the US releases of MS Gundam, Gundam 0080 and Gundam 0083,
and I don't think there's any of that stuff in there at all. (Just watched
'em all this weekend). Although, I can just imagine if it had been:

Camille: "Zeta Gundam Wave Rider Mode!" (it was camille who piloted the
zeta, wasn't it?)
Amuro: "What did he just say? Camille, talking to that thing isn't going to
help you any!"

Anyone else: "yeah, we noticed..."

and so on. I would think though, that whilst the good guys were gallavanting
about screaming like maniacs and the like, the bad guys were backstage on
their coffee breaks, or the Zakus were beating the hell out of the Earth
Federation. :-)

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thinking makes it so." - Hamlet

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