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On Mar 10, 1:31pm, Prabal Nandy wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: Re: [gundam] Gundam Moustache?
> > Kampfer, the Abigor, the GMs, etc.
> > That's curious. I thought all of those were really humanoid looking. I
guess I
> > have a more flexible definition of humanoid. Body, head, two arms, two
> Well then, just about EVERYTHING in Gundam is humanoid! Even things like
> the "Jamuro Fin".
> I have to say that the all time coolest _looking_ Gundam mech has gotta
> be the Hygog-C!
> -Probe

You're kidding, right? The GMs are some of the most humanoid shaped MS there
are. They look like men in body armor with a face shield. There are very
few mechs in any anime show that aren't humanoid, like the Destroid Monster,
the Glaugs, or closer to home the Methuss, Quin-Mantha, Capule... the Kampfer
is more humanoid than them (although I love it) and, you're right, the Hygog
is amazing.


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