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> << Frankly, I never liked the really humanoid robots from Gundam, the more
> roboty looking, the better! It's one of the big reasons why I love the
> Kampfer, the Abigor, the GMs, etc.
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> - >>

??? what are you talking about?

> That's curious. I thought all of those were really humanoid looking. I guess I
> have a more flexible definition of humanoid. Body, head, two arms, two legs,
> bilaterally symmetrical, head on top of body, legs on bottom... Add an arm
> here, a couple of legs there, maybe some wings ... it will still look humanoid
> to me.

Now you're on the right track. Now Shirou's spider/gun platforms, Fuchikoma;
Macross' Zentraedi Battle Pods (TV), Asamiya Kia's Gunhed (though could be argued
to be a tank) are definitely non humanoid.

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