Re: [gundam] Turn-A Gundam returns once again!

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:41:19 -0700 (MST)

> One on the right is called "Flat" (I'm not kidding). This is the MS used
> to send Rolan & co. to earth. This one is transformable, a la Epyon or
> Hambrabi (meaning, the leg flipps up to the back), which allows it
> re-entry. If you see carefully, you may see this MS doesn't have a torso,
> like Methuss.

  Silly looking, but it does have that Methuss-look to it. Very short and
squat looking, and dumpy-lumpy too! Are you sure it's not supposed to be
called "Fat"?

> The other one is called "Walking Dome" (WoDome as it is commonly refered

 "Fat" and "Walking Dumb". I guess Syd must have come up with the names
for these robots too!

> to). This is the primary MS of Diana Counter, the main force of Moon

  "Diana Counter"? What kinda bizzaro names are these?

> Race. The pipes beside the head is actually missile launchers. The very

  Well, if that's true that 50% of the mass of this entire robot consists
of the giant freaky missiles inside its cheeks!

> interesting thing about this MS is covered in a material called
> "Nanoskin". Yup, that's right, this one is using nano technology. This
> MS is used primarily for Operation "The First Return".

  Well, that's stupid!
  If you have NANOTECH why the HELL do you need a giant metal walking
target? Just infect the planet with nanotech, or make a freaky snakey
'liquid metal' machine like the T-1000!

> * The reason why Rolan & co. was sent to earth in advance is NOT to
> investigate, but to see if Moon Race can adapt to earth (man, they used
> kids to find this out!? That's pretty cruel)

  Hey, humans _Came_ from Earth in the first place so...?
  What do you want to bet that instead of being crushed by gravity the
moment they step out of their "Flat" mecha, they'll have the majik anime
power to leap through the air with "The power of Lunar Gravity", or that
they'll have majik "Null-Gravity Belts" or even more likely, the animators
will simply ignore the fact that people who've lived in 1/6th gee for
generations would be 7 feet tall and would have bones as thin as a

> * "Turn-A" is referred as "Machine Doll" or "White Doll" from "Militia",
> and "Mustash" or "White Mustash" from "Diana Counter".

  Well, at least someone _noticed_ the giant moustache!

> Rolan and Kiel: 17
> Socie (she will be a pilot too, actually): 15

  Child pilots as usual... sigh. Kids against the Adults, the essencial
Gundam paradigm since the original, eh?

> * Gwen is curious about Rolan, and calls him "Rola" (which is
> indistinguishable in Japanese with "Laura")

  Heh heh!

> * Mr. and Mrs. Heim will be KIA during the first invasion of Moon Race

  Oh, we didn't see THAT coming!
  "I'll punish you for the moon!"


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