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> > Probably the biggest news this time is the name of two MS behind Turn-A.
> hmmm, they weren't very clear to begin with. Does the Newtype have clearer
> pictures?
> > "Nanoskin". Yup, that's right, this one is using nano technology. This
> > MS is used primarily for Operation "The First Return".
> I am lost, can someone explain Nanoskin or 'nano technology'

Well, nano tech is basically machines that are the size of viruses or so
(this is from memory and I grow old) that can be programmed to do whatever
is needed. Ideas for use of nanites are releasing them into the bloodstream
to destroy cancer, AIDS cells, repair brain damage, remove fat buildup,
etc. Also, the possibility of programming nanites to break down raw matter
at the molecular level and recombine it into what you like, so you could
leave a pile of scrap metal on the ground, add the programmed mini machines
and watch a spaceship or bridge or whatever "grow", no seams, no welds, just
one contiguous construct. Their programming would be the machine equivalent
of DNA.

There's a cool Jeffrey A. Carver book "From A Changeling Star" about a
scientist who has been infected with nano-agents that rewire his brain,
the look of his face, even his DNA in order stop him from completing his
project and to try and suck the info out of his mind. At one point he
goes to a rogue nanite maker so that a third set of nanites can be
injected into him to wipe out the other two sets and give him back his
memories and everything else. Very interesting.


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