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> does anyone know what these are supposed to be for, or are they
> just for plain
> decoration like the paint job?

My guess is it lends more of a 'facial design' to the Gundam than a merely
flat plate...then again, for me, flatten the face plate of the Gundam and
you've got Optimus Prime......If you stretch it you could assume one slit
a 'nose' and one for the 'mouth'. I think that the absence of 'facial
would detract from the whole 'humanoid' aspect of the machine.

> no not big moustaches, but they sure as hell didn't look like
> noses/nostrils either!
> Well I had this strange thought that they looked like
> moustaches...each to their own...

Yeah...I can kinda see it...but then again, they weren't moustaches
that you could grab hold of and spin the damn thing with!!!

> by the way, that should be 'bits' not 'buts' ^^; damn QWERTY keyboards...

I think it depends not on the style of semantics but on the
mind of the reader....

> umm, anyway, all this time, I have had this strange idea that
> most Gundams have a
> moustache. Hell they have eys and a mouth, why the hell not a
> moustache ^_^

Hell, what about the 'ears' on the GX and the Wing Zero?
And I won't even go into the 'butt cheek' panels on the RX-78....

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