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Kota Fujimura wrote:

> Hmm, I'm pretty sure I mentioned this already, but Rolan went down with
> two other kids of same age, whose names escape me for the moment. This is
> two years before the series actually takes place.

hmmm, maybe I missed some where. kinda explains the comment you make about using
moon kids as guinea pigs for adults.

> > Moustashe you mean hehehehe. The placement of the V fin has some humour
> > attached to it :)
> There was a joke floating around that they've also made
> Zaku, Dom, and Gelgoog with mustache :)

'Moustaches' are not uncommon in the Gundam series, although the Turn-A moustage
is much more striking. The RX-78, 178, ZZ and nu (unsure aboutthat one) have
black moustache etched or painted on the face plate. Z didn't really have one,
but I tended to think the 'non-standard' face plate with pointy buts which hangs
out to the side of the mouth make it appear like tose long moustaches that have
grown out of control (think Rip van Winkle with a moustache,but no beard).

Man if I could have a moustache and a big bushy ZZ Top beard like. It must be an
Asian male fantasy or somethng. I know I have just given up growing one out of
frustration. My god some women have more facial hair than I do...something's not
right, I'm a grown man for crying out loud! wrote:

> I'll try to explain Nano tech. Its basically an intelligent colony of
> microscopic machines that can reproduce themselves. So the Nanoskin robot is
> made out of thousands of these machines. Say, a hole is blown though this
> robots torso, the nanomachines will repair all the damage to this robot. I
> assume the nano machine colony that this robot is made of, could also
> regenerate limbs and maybe minimize damage to the robot, before the nano's
> start their repair.

Oh, I have heard of the 'general' concept before, not quite as you have explained
(reproduction?). So that is what nanotech is all about.

> start their repair. This robot is basically invincible, well maybe not totally
> invincible. This could explain the new Gundams gun, because a weapon needs to
> be able to reverse or stop the nano machines, to be able to even seriously
> damage a nano machine robot

well I hope they don't go over the top with the 'invicibility'.

Michael Ip
yeah yeah, my spelling and grammar sucks, so what?

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