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<< Kota Fujimura wrote:
> Probably the biggest news this time is the name of two MS behind Turn-A.
 hmmm, they weren't very clear to begin with. Does the Newtype have clearer
> "Nanoskin". Yup, that's right, this one is using nano technology. This
> MS is used primarily for Operation "The First Return".
 I am lost, can someone explain Nanoskin or 'nano technology'
> * The reason why Rolan & co. was sent to earth in advance is NOT to
> investigate, but to see if Moon Race can adapt to earth (man, they used
> kids to find this out!? That's pretty cruel)
 cruel yes, but I can do extrapolation studies which will give reasonably
 accurate predictions of how adults may cope with human life :) Is part of
 what I do...Can you expand on who 'co' is. I have only been informed so far
 that Rolan was the only one sent down. I must have missed some posts
> * "Turn-A" is referred as "Machine Doll" or "White Doll" from "Militia",
> and "Mustash" or "White Mustash" from "Diana Counter".
 Moustashe you mean hehehehe. The placement of the V fin has some humour
 attached to it :)
> * Age of characters are:
> Rolan and Kiel: 17
 well 17 is physiologically not a kid anymore. Perhaps in a
 maturity/interpersonal realtionships sense maybe...
> * Gwen is curious about Rolan, and calls him "Rola" (which is
> indistinguishable in Japanese with "Laura")
 de ja vu? Camille again? >>

I'll try to explain Nano tech. Its basically an intelligent colony of
microscopic machines that can reproduce themselves. So the Nanoskin robot is
made out of thousands of these machines. Say, a hole is blown though this
robots torso, the nanomachines will repair all the damage to this robot. I
assume the nano machine colony that this robot is made of, could also
regenerate limbs and maybe minimize damage to the robot, before the nano's
start their repair. This robot is basically invincible, well maybe not totally
invincible. This could explain the new Gundams gun, because a weapon needs to
be able to reverse or stop the nano machines, to be able to even seriously
damage a nano machine robot. or maybe not, since this robot seems to be on the
new Gundams side.

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