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Kota Fujimura wrote:

> Probably the biggest news this time is the name of two MS behind Turn-A.

hmmm, they weren't very clear to begin with. Does the Newtype have clearer

> "Nanoskin". Yup, that's right, this one is using nano technology. This
> MS is used primarily for Operation "The First Return".

I am lost, can someone explain Nanoskin or 'nano technology'

> * The reason why Rolan & co. was sent to earth in advance is NOT to
> investigate, but to see if Moon Race can adapt to earth (man, they used
> kids to find this out!? That's pretty cruel)

cruel yes, but I can do extrapolation studies which will give reasonably
accurate predictions of how adults may cope with human life :) Is part of
what I do...Can you expand on who 'co' is. I have only been informed so far
that Rolan was the only one sent down. I must have missed some posts

> * "Turn-A" is referred as "Machine Doll" or "White Doll" from "Militia",
> and "Mustash" or "White Mustash" from "Diana Counter".

Moustashe you mean hehehehe. The placement of the V fin has some humour
attached to it :)

> * Age of characters are:
> Rolan and Kiel: 17

well 17 is physiologically not a kid anymore. Perhaps in a
maturity/interpersonal realtionships sense maybe...

> * Gwen is curious about Rolan, and calls him "Rola" (which is
> indistinguishable in Japanese with "Laura")

de ja vu? Camille again?

Michael Ip
yeah yeah, my spelling and grammar sucks, so what? (no that is not a

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