Re: [gundam] [OT][Multimedia] Sound extractors from AVI's

Danny S. Kim (
Mon, 08 Mar 1999 14:38:30 -0800

Try Adobe After Effects or Premier.


Operator 7G - Michael Ip wrote:

> There is some Gundam relevnace here. I have various AVI FMVs from PSX
> and Saturn games (ZGundam one of the games I have FMVs of), and I want
> to be able to extract the sound from thse files (into WAV), so I can
> copy them to CD and make a audio CD of my collection :)
> I know this can be done with CorelDraw7, but the extraction is saved as
> an MP2. I guess a shorter question would be can I extract to MP3 (or
> mor prefareably to WAV) with CorelDraw8? If not does anyone know of any
> other software which could do this?
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