Re: Re[2]: [gundam] Orphans Of The Ecliptic

Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 13:40:00 -0800

On 5 Mar 99, at 2:00, Y. Choe wrote:

> >> > Does his record include the fact that he stole a Jegan
> >> >during a military maneuver and proceeded to cold-bloodedly
> >> >murder Chien?
> JH> In case of Chien Agi, I had always argued that Hathway was
> JH> involved in self-defense, since Chien did shoot at his direction.
> JH> Chien stole the RE-Gz, Hathaway jumped on a Jegan to chase after
> JH> her, .... If federation recovered gun-cameras on both MS, that's
> JH> what the recording will show.
> (bit of spoiler)
> Self defense my @$$! If one had to shoot in self-defense, it was
> Chien than Hathaway! Face it folks. Hathaway lost it in his emotions
> when Chein shot and sent Quess into space vaccum.

Seems to me, Chein's shot looks like it would had hit Hathaway, than
Quess sacrifaced herself to save Hathaway. Than Hathaway
returned fire. So it's self-defense in my book. Not to mention he
had already withnessed Chien throw Astonage into the blast of an
incoming fire.

Jim Huang

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