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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
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I just did a glance, on Japanese Min. of Justice website. It seems
they are too busy collecting celebrity autographs to put the laws on
line. But Bureau of Civil Affair did have a guideline on selecting
nationality at:

It seems Japanese national who married non-Japanese doesn't
automaticly lost their Japanese citizenship, pre se. The Korean in
Japan's problem seems partly of the Korean governments, also. To
be naturalized Japanese citizen, foreigner has to renounce other
citizenship "in accordance with the citizenship law of those country."
Both Korean government, historically. didn't make it an easy task.
South Korean seems had been modifing their law to make it easier.
In fact, South Korean wouldn't give Japanese wifes Korean
citizenship unless they live in Korea for two year, so they don't even
have to choose now(Unlike pervious law, which grant citizenship to
the wifes of nationals regardless of their wish.). North seems
determined to hold on to their source of hard currency.

On 5 Mar 99, at 19:17, -Z- wrote:

> >Federation deports repeated offenders to slave astroid mining
> >colony. Explains why we see all those newly constructed colonies in
> >F91.
> Now that's something I hadn't heard before. In fact, I'd wondered if maybe
> some of those asteroid bases and Jupiter Energy Fleet ships might be penal
> colonies.

Page 118, Senkou no Hathaway, volume 1. ISBN4-04-410131-0
> For that matter, mightn't there be penal space colonies in the Earth
> Sphere? By which I mean entire space colonies turned into prisons, a la
> Devil's Island or Alcatraz....

Did we saw Neo Australia in G Gundam? ^_^

Jim Huang
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