[gundam] [OT][Multimedia] Sound extractors from AVI's

Operator 7G - Michael Ip (zugok@gundam.com)
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 11:05:01 +1300

There is some Gundam relevnace here. I have various AVI FMVs from PSX
and Saturn games (ZGundam one of the games I have FMVs of), and I want
to be able to extract the sound from thse files (into WAV), so I can
copy them to CD and make a audio CD of my collection :)

I know this can be done with CorelDraw7, but the extraction is saved as
an MP2. I guess a shorter question would be can I extract to MP3 (or
mor prefareably to WAV) with CorelDraw8? If not does anyone know of any
other software which could do this?

Michael Ip
yeah yeah, my spelling and grammar sucks, so what?

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