[gundam] Anaheim Electronics

Doc (figureight@pacific.net.ph)
Mon, 08 Mar 1999 20:57:14 +0800

Does Anaheim Electronics have a seat in whatever governing body the
Federation has? I'm surprised the Federation hasn't levied any extreme
sanctions against the company in light of the fact that Anaheim has
assisted the opponents of the Federation many times in the past. Besides
MS technology, does it provide the Federation with any other vital
commodity that gives it enough leverage to avoid retaliation?
But then in Z Gundam, the Feds had developed its own MS (e.g. Psycho
Gundams) even without Anaheim's assistance.

In CCA, Amuro gripes about not knowing about Char's Neo Zeon inspite of
Londo Bell's active searches among the Sides. All the while, Neo Zeon
was developing Psycho Frame technology with Anaheim's blessing!
Indirectly, Anaheim (by helping Char) nearly sent the earth into an new
ice age! Surely that's enough reason for the Federation to blast it off
the face of the moon!
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