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Otro Que Muerde el Polvo (ajimenez@ucsm.edu.pe)
Sat, 06 Mar 1999 22:06:08 -0500

Yesterday I was watching Return of the Living Dead III and I was very
surprised because "Bandai Visual" was listed as one of the producers,
unless there's another company with that name. I didn't know Bandai was
into other forms of entertainment besides animation or electronic games,
even co-producing western live-action films.

OTOH, the movie was very entertaining. Full of unlikeable characters and a
very ammoral plot. Trying to revive his dead girlfriend, our "heroe" steals
the chemical that reanimates the dead, knowing nothing about secondary
effects, just because "it was handy", and sending lots of innocent
bystanders to horrible deaths and still more horrible after-deaths. Never
ever he shows any regret nor a bit of remorse for the consecuences of his
thoughtless action. He reminds me of some Gundam "heroes", starting with
the lovable Kou Uraki ^_^

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