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>>There isn't much material around covering the time between the events
>>Double Zeta (uc0088) and CCA (uc0093). But in that five year interval,
>>it seems the Federation didn't do much to rebuild their forces unlike
>>before-- something which I find a little inconsistent. I mean, if they
>>had gone to lengths to establish the Titans just to suppress Zeon
>>fanatics, I'd think the Feds would have gone farther in response to a
>>threat led by Char Aznable himself!
>They created Lond Bell... But that was more of an investigative force
>rather than a proper fighting force. In any case, after Neo-Jion,
>everyone figured that there weren't any more significant forces around,
>and probably didn't need a huge military any more? That, or the typical
>Federation laziness and uncaring attitude towards the colonies..

Almost everything we know about the period between UC 15 March 0089 (end of
ZZ) and 4 March 0093 (beginning of CCA) comes from CCA "liner notes" that
describe the formation of Londo Bell (March 0090), the remodeling and
relocation of Sweetwater (February 0090) and its subsequent occupation by
Neo Zeon (12 December 0092).

The only other "official" source of information on this period comes from
the Under The Gundam: Double Fake side story, written by Yuji Ushida and
published in Pure Cyber Comix 09 (1990.11.15, Bandai, ISBN4-89189-117-3).
This story may have been set in UC 0090 for no other reason than that it
was published in AD 1990, just as the first Gundam was set in UC 0079 and
released in AD 1979.

In any case, it depicts the rise of terrorists, unchecked by the weakened
and presumably corrupt Federation, committing acts of piracy against the
space colonies in "handmade" [sic] Musai carrying AMX-003S Gaza-C custom
MS. These are successfully opposed at Side 6 by the MWS-19051G D-Gundam, a
"Mobile Work Suit" built by Monotone Corporation as a heavy-construction
machine converted for combat use.

Here's the relevant timeline, drawn from Mark Simmons' Gundam Project:

UC 0089.03.15 = Jupiter energy transportation resumes. The Jupitoris II

UC 0089.05.01 = The Federal Forces reorganize the management system for
massive asteroids.

UC 0089.08.25 = The Federation tightens sanctions against colonies that
support spacenoid movements.

UC 0090.01 = Anti-Earth Federation organizations like EGM and the NSP
(New Summer Project) become active.

UC 0090.02 = Sweetwater is remodeled as a refugee facility.

UC 0090.03 = The Federal Forces organize a new auxiliary unit, the
"Londo Bell" force.

UC 0090.07.15 = The Texas colony, under reconstruction at Side 6, is
attacked by the NSP's "Colored" force. The Federal Forces' Arahas force
teams up with the staff of the Monotone Company.

[Note: the name of the NSP force is rendered in Roman text as "Colorde"]

UC 0090.10.15 = Arahas battles Colored at Side 2.

UC 0090.11.23 = A staff member of the civilian Monotone Company is chosen
as a Federal Forces test pilot.

UC 0090.12.15 = The NSP's moderate faction joins forces with Arahas to
battle the radical faction, actually a Neo Zeon decoy force in disguise.

UC 0091.02.06 = The NSP proclaims its dissolution.

UC 0091.02.27 = The Neo Zeon decoy force leaves for Jupiter.

UC 0092.08 = The Federal Forces move their headquarters to Lhasa, Tibet.

UC 0092.12.13 = Neo Zeon suggests an attack against the Earth Federal Forces.

UC 0092.12.22 = Naval vessels commanded by Char Aznable declare a takeover
of Sweetwater.

UC 0092.12.25 = The Federal Forces reinforce Londo Bell.

UC 0093.02.27 = Neo Zeon commander Char declares war in an interview program.

UC 0093.03.03 = The Neo Zeon fleet departs Sweetwater.

UC 0093.03.04 = 5th Luna crashes into the Federal Forces headquarters in
Lhasa, Tibet.

As you can see, the Federation pretty much abdicated off-world enforcement
and put it all on Londo Bell....


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