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Mark Nguyen (
Sat, 06 Mar 1999 07:45:36 PST

>There isn't much material around covering the time between the events
>Double Zeta (uc0088) and CCA (uc0093). But in that five year interval,
>it seems the Federation didn't do much to rebuild their forces unlike
>before-- something which I find a little inconsistent. I mean, if they
>had gone to lengths to establish the Titans just to suppress Zeon
>fanatics, I'd think the Feds would have gone farther in response to a
>threat led by Char Aznable himself!

They created Lond Bell... But that was more of an investigative force
rather than a proper fighting force. In any case, after Neo-Jion,
everyone figured that there weren't any more significant forces around,
and probably didn't need a huge military any more? That, or the typical
Federation laziness and uncaring attitude towards the colonies..


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