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Doc (figureight@pacific.net.ph)
Sat, 06 Mar 1999 22:49:35 +0800

It's interesting how the diversionary fleet sent by Char to Luna II (led
by Nanai) was able to make short work of the Federation garrison there.
I'd assume that the Feds would have stationed more troops there
(especially considering that Luna II housed nuclear weapons)-- even more
so to make sure the Neo Zeon doesn't do anything sneaky (which it did).
As it goes, I think no more than five Salamis cruisers were seen
defending the former Federation stronghold (plus the ill-fated Crepp
cruiser where Quess's father met his tragic death).

There isn't much material around covering the time between the events in
Double Zeta (uc0088) and CCA (uc0093). But in that five year interval,
it seems the Federation didn't do much to rebuild their forces unlike
before-- something which I find a little inconsistent. I mean, if they
had gone to lengths to establish the Titans just to suppress Zeon
fanatics, I'd think the Feds would have gone farther in response to a
threat led by Char Aznable himself!
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