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Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 06 Mar 1999 00:35:17 PST

>What does everyone think about the following idea? Bandai should make a
>action figure line like HCM's, but with today's technology. All the
>from at least the main Gundam stories, plus maybe V, F-91, and Wing. I
>model kits just fine, but I'd like more durable version of my GP-01 and
>other Gundam kits, like in a quality action figure with lots of moving
>fingers, and joints. These figures could have quality gimmicks, if
accurate to
>the respective mecha. Anyone else have any ideas to add? 1/100 scale
would be
>a great size. This kinda idea is what could make Gundam toys popular in
>U.S. If they bring the kits to the U.S., I think that they would do
>since the quality of Gundam kits is much better then most U.S. kits. A
know a
>couple of 8-10 year old boys that really like building model kits and
>really impressed with my Gundam's.

This is pretty much the "MS in Pocket" line of toys you are describing
although they are not as advanced as you describe. I think a good
run of 1/144 figures would be made, and a few "choice" 1/100 figures
would be made (has anyone seen the HUGE Han on Tauntaun and Luke and
Wampa Deluxe figures out? Wow, big...). I could see G-Savior or
turn-A(nother design out pleez) Gundam having a figure line supporting
it, with the healthy toy market at the moment. With the LED Mirage
kit making all these waves, I think it would be a big opportunity to
make some nice Gundam figures. Maybe with the PG Gundam finally out
Bandai will shift focus to figures...there's certainly a market for
But... I'd rather have models. And a good Gundam story to go with'em.

Mark Kai

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