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Y. Choe (
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 21:07:40 -0800

> Was Keyla Su (Astonage's girlfriend?) a newtype pilot? How was Gyunei
> able to defeat her so easily? Unless the Re-GZ was really tactically
> inferior to the Jagd Doga?

Dunno, but seems like one the aces of London Bell. A Jagd Doga seems to be
an even match for the Re-GZ, except that Re-GZ lacks bits, and Jagd Doga
got bits up the butt (actually funnels, but bits up the butt sounds funnier
I think). Also, Amuro had a handful with Gyunei in his Re-GZ, and
complained about the suit, which indicates that they may not be actually on
par with each other, but Doga being a lot more powerful/agile/etc...

Y. Choe
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