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>This is what I have according to my older Bandai catalog as far as numbers
>the kits This is in the order they appear by number with a color denoting
>line that they are from (in this case gray and gold) I will use the number
>listed by the kit but they are brocken up amongst other lines of kits as
>so there will be large gaps in the numbers.
> please note they do not specify what the MS is but I am going by my
>whisch is not complete

Thanks for the info. I'll fill in what I know from the kits I have and from
the info on the sides of the boxes about what some of the other kits are.

Oh. Which is the first one to include the comic on the back of the
instructions. The Zaku III [Number 14] includes comic #8...

>1 Gundam
>2 ZZ
>3 Rick Dom
>4 Chars Zaku
>5 Zeta
>6 Dom
>7 Nu Gundam
>8 Sazabi
>9 Jagd Doga
>10 Jegan
>11Gundam but no antane not sure what it is has thje red beard sheild
>like ALex's) Zeta-ish insect face Blue and white mainly I think it may be
Yes. It's the ReGZ

>12 marasai ?
>13 MK - II
>14 Gundamish looking body Zaku head w/ main antanae and one on either
>of the head toward the back of the head greyish grenish color w/ a beam
>saber on a MS shuttle sled (Zaku III or hizack maybe?)
Yes, that's the Zaku III

>15 Gelgoog (char's)
Also builds into the Rigrug

>16 jiong
Also Perfect Jiong

>17 Samurai guy (not denoted as BB
On the box, it is...

>18 Baund Doc
Builds up in two ways. Either the big base with the feet, or the little base
without can be used. The other can be made into the untransformed version.

>19 FAZZ
Also builds the regular Zeta

>20 Perfect Gundam
Also builds into the Prototype, according to the instructions.

>21 looks like a gray Zeta variation (has a three on the shoulder)
Zeta Plus - this also builds 3 ways.

>22 S gundam
Builds 3 ways...

>23 -24 are samurai guys(not denoted as BB)

23 Musha Zeta
24 Musha Mark II
[And again, they *are* denoted as BB on the box]

>25 GM canon?
Guncannon - (same thing really)

>26 -27 more samurai's (not denoted as BB)
26 Musha Double Zeta
27 Musha Nu
[Again, on the boxes, they are marked as BB]

>28 G armor
>29 Zaku with some rockets
I'm guessing this is Johnny Ridden's Zaku II. I can't remember the number of

>30 36 samurais (not BB)

33 Zaku Ninja
34 Musha Dom
35 Musha Draisen
36 Musha Psycho Gundam

>37 Alex
>38 - 39 samurai (not BB)
38 Musha Hyakushiki
39 Yamishogun [The characters for Shogun are maybe not the usual ones]

>40 Kempfer
>41 - 73 various samurai and non BB kits
>74 F-91
>that is it for BB kits
>all of them except are 300 yen with the exception of:
>28 G armor 500 yen
>74 F-91 500 yen

148 Wing Gundam. This is a *lot* bigger and comes with two smaller Gundams
as well
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