[gundam] Gerbera Tetra - some final comments and a few questions

Paul Lampshire (gbc76@dial.pipex.com)
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 23:16:08 -0000

Well - it's sat on my shelf as I write this. 5 days it's taken, and very
nice it looks too. It turns out that Humbrol red is the right shade if
applied thinly over a white undercoat. It's a big thing, isn't it? or
perhaps I should say bulky. The GP02 is bigger, but the GT is pretty bulky
as well. It's an awkward shape though - most of the weight is high up.

Two questions.
1) How do you straighten resin parts that are slightly bent? [Vinyl you soak
in hot water till they soften, then straighten them - can you do the same
with resin?]
2) How do I tighten the joints? I don't want to fix them in a given pose, I
just want to tighten them. As it is, the legs are very loose, and the arms
tend to fall off - especially the one holding the gun. [That gun is much too
big for it to hold properly and it has to rest it on the ground]

Other than that, It's a fine kit. And having built it, I feel that I could
do another one and do it better. [Not that I think I messed it up, you

Thanks in Advance.

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