Re: [gundam] How limited is PG Gundam?

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On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Edward Ju wrote:
> I remember when Mark first mentioned the PG Gundam on the ML he said he was
> told that the PG Gundam was limited to 3 or 6 kits per store. Well we found
> out that wasn't true, since HLJ had tons of them to sell.

Could it be 3 to 6 kits per store INITIALLY. This was true for a while.
But obviously PG Gundam won't go scarce that quickly.

> Bandai's reissue runs? Do you guys think PG Gundam v1.0 will sitll be made
> if new revisions are released?

Considering Bandai's fixed a suggested retail price for it, I don't see
how it benefit Bandai to limit supply of PG Gundam. Isn't it the point
that injection kits are mass market products? Personally I would hate to
see injection kits becoming collectible. If I pay collectible price for
something it better not be pressed from a mold by the thousands. I know
many kits are rare these days (including some Dr. Slump kits that I am
looking for), but I think that's a result of their not being in demand.

PS: I have a mint-condition 1980 vintage 1/144 Gelgoog kit. It's really
rare these days, but I am willing to part with it if someone offer me a
good price.

PPS: This kit has a very rare feature: its shoulders are almost completely

PPPS: ok ok I am willing to part with it at a loss, just give me an offer,
any offer!

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