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At 01:16 PM 3/5/99 , Prabal Nandy wrote:
> That's right, but perhaps it was necessary. After all, once humans
>into space to protect Mother Earth, the one-world-nation-government-army
>is no longer necessary. It may have been planned from the _beginning_
>that the Federation would gradually ossify and become unable/unwilling
>affect the future of Homo-Spaciens, hence allowing the new Mankind to
>"Find its own destiny in the Stars" without being chained to Earth's
>gravity, politics, or social systems.
> In this fashion, we see that Zeon simply 'jumped the gun' vying
>violently for independance perhaps just 50 years too early! Should it
>have happened in the V-Gundam era (sans 1YW), it may have been regarded
as a
>"Polticially Acceptible" movement.

Well, there is Giren Zabi's world domination ambition that many in Zeon
supports. A cause later taken by the Zanscare Empire.

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