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> Come to think of it, we don't really know that happens to Quess' friends
> after that. For all we know, they could all have been summarily executed
> as soon as Quess was safely out of sight and earshot....

  Well, I think we do get the impression that this wasn't the first time
that these kids got caught by the MaHa, eh? Probably they'd get roughed up
a bit and then let loose again, eh?

> > So he _really_ was a biologist? Interesting!
> No, no, he was just an observer. "I like to watch!" drools Hathaway.... (^_^)

  Lil' punk needs a spankin'! Execution works too...

> >human habitation? Perhaps the deserts and colony-drop areas _are_ open for
> >habitation?
> We see a lot of desert dwellers, that's for sure. Of course, we see an
> equal number of tropical islanders and, of course, all those guerillas in
> the jungle. The Amazon Basin looks pretty good, too, and quite sparsely
> populated above-ground, what with Jabrow being almost completely underground.

  Right, and who knows how many permitted underground reservations and
installations there are. It may have well become the 'environmentally
acceptible' way to live.
  Also, remember the arctic attack in Gundam 0080! The Feds had an immense
under-ice installation there with only a few little buildings visible on
the surface. This may simply be the new paradigm of the Federation's
building philosophy on Earth: "You can spread out as much as you want
UNDER the Earth's surface, just not ON the Earth."
> But I think you're on to something here: if the idea of moving 90% of the
> population into space is to allow Mother Earth to recover, then the 10% who
> remain should do so in the less-habitable areas, to give the recovering
> areas a better chance to make a full recovery.

  Yepper, it makes alot of sense. Even the island examples you have can be
argued to be 'off the mainland' and hence acceptible intrusions of
  I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of the 10% of humans left on Earth ARE
either living underground as part of the Fed's huge underground
military/industrial installations (which appear in MSG but make alot of
sense now that we've discussed this), or perhaps in deep-sea trenches,
etc. (Effectively in space).

> detention camp. That big house with all the Federation-spy servants
> _belonged_ to Amuro, if I recall correctly, and not because the Feds gave
> it to him.

  Interesting. "We'll let you stay on Earth since you're an elite, but
we'll be damned if we'll let you walk FREE!"

> > The idea of a Strong-Armed Federal government seems to be one that
> >Tomino abandoned, in favor of a slow-moving ineffective coalition
> The Federation may have started out with a good deal more clout, though,
> and simply degenerated into an ineffectual bureacracy over time. Despite

  Which is perhaps planned, the way it was supposed to be. After all, in
peace, who needs a powerful government? If the whole point of Gundam is to
free men's souls from the chains of Gravity, perhaps this obsolecence of
the Federation government is itself part of a larger plan.

> winning the War, the Feds got their pins knocked out from under them and
> never really recovered. When it _did_ rally, it was with Jamitov in the

  Feds last glow, I guess.

> saddle. After the AEUG and Kalaba brought down the EUG, the Axis took over
> and declared Neo Zeon. After Neo Zeon was defeated, there was no one
> strong enough to hammer what was left back into the Federation of yore.

  That's right, but perhaps it was necessary. After all, once humans move
into space to protect Mother Earth, the one-world-nation-government-army
is no longer necessary. It may have been planned from the _beginning_ that
the Federation would gradually ossify and become unable/unwilling to
affect the future of Homo-Spaciens, hence allowing the new Mankind to
"Find its own destiny in the Stars" without being chained to Earth's
gravity, politics, or social systems.
  In this fashion, we see that Zeon simply 'jumped the gun' vying
violently for independance perhaps just 50 years too early! Should it have
happened in the V-Gundam era (sans 1YW), it may have been regarded as a
"Polticially Acceptible" movement.

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