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Friday, March 05, 1999, 1:21:02 AM, you wrote:

>> Come to think of it, we don't really know that happens to Quess' friends
>> after that. For all we know, they could all have been summarily executed
>> as soon as Quess was safely out of sight and earshot....

Hmm. Rather brutal if that was indeed the case. One would think
they've been summarily be sent to an asteroid to mine some more

>> > Besides, they're just following a _Zionic_ philosophy of protecting
>> >Mother Earth by removing humans... the spacenoids shouldn't be
>> >complaining!

But the tactics and who they ship out bears enough reason for
complaints. If FEDs were the first out and heling everyone move out
of earth, elite and otherwise, there may be little less reason to
complain. Of course, there is the whole representation deal going
on as well..

JH> Federation deports repeated offenders to slave astroid mining
JH> colony. Explains why we see all those newly constructed colonies in
JH> F91.

Either that or they use melted down MS and MA material scooped up
after a battle or three. There must be enough debris out there to
build a really big colony, no? :)

JH> Or he was simply considered too dangerous by Fed to set loose.

It's not paranoia unless it really happens to you. I suppose the Feds
were a bit paranoid of NTs and their connection to Spacenoids. And
indeed, they were rightly (or wrongly) justified.

>> > Does his record include the fact that he stole a Jegan
>> >during a military maneuver and proceeded to cold-bloodedly
>> >murder Chien?

JH> In case of Chien Agi, I had always argued that Hathway was
JH> involved in self-defense, since Chien did shoot at his direction.
JH> Chien stole the RE-Gz, Hathaway jumped on a Jegan to chase after
JH> her, .... If federation recovered gun-cameras on both MS, that's
JH> what the recording will show.

(bit of spoiler)

Self defense my @$$! If one had to shoot in self-defense, it was
Chien than Hathaway! Face it folks. Hathaway lost it in his emotions
when Chein shot and sent Quess into space vaccum.

If my fading memory serves me right, it was Quess that gets jealous at
Chien after she implores Quess to stop her shinanigance. Quess thinks
Chien is out to get her, and trys to gun her down. And you all know
the rest, right?

But in support of Hathaway, I guess he was somewhat supporting
Chien... That is if my memories serves me right. It's been alomst
two years (!) since I saw CCA in its entirety. I hope will
release this movie. Would make a great collection along with Gundam

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