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On 4 Mar 99, at 20:40, -Z- wrote:

> At 15:00 3/4/99 -0700, you wrote:

> Come to think of it, we don't really know that happens to Quess' friends
> after that. For all we know, they could all have been summarily executed
> as soon as Quess was safely out of sight and earshot....

I havn't checked, but I believe that's what happened in CCA:
Boltochika's Children.
> > Besides, they're just following a _Zionic_ philosophy of protecting
> >Mother Earth by removing humans... the spacenoids shouldn't be
> >complaining!
> MaHa more closely resembles the Titans than the Zeon. In any case, I get
> the impression that Zeon would've put them all in slave labor camps rather
> than expensively deporting them.

Federation deports repeated offenders to slave astroid mining
colony. Explains why we see all those newly constructed colonies in
> >> believe, he didn't pick Biological Observer as a cover identity. He
> >> made the career choice, returned to Earth for internship, see the

> > So he _really_ was a biologist? Interesting!

Well, since he didn't completed his training... ^_~
> >> It always struck me that Kenneth, a one-star general, retires as
> >> colonel, had to beg to retain his Earth residency after retirement.
> >> The question is, would that be necessary if half of the federation
> >> cabinet members weren't killed on his watch?
> Officers traditionally retire one pay-grade below their highest-held
> pay-grade, so a Brigadier General (O-7) retiring as a Colonel (O-6) would

Didn't know that, thanks. But Kenneth didn't exactly retired
volunteerly, either. He was promoted one grade when Fed assigned
him in charge of the security of the cabinet meeting. While he
saved half of the cabinet, he still took the blame for the other half's

> > That might be part of it, but it also might be that only certain
> >'levels' of people are allowed to petition to remain on Earth for
> >"Meritonious Service", or "Distinguished Achievement". I wouldn't be
> >surprised if this was the 'official' term of Amuro's stay on Earth.
> I think Amuro got to stay because of his familial connections. In addition
> to being among the elite, his folks were apparently also quite wealthy. We
> don't get to see this because we only see Tem Ray on military assignment
> (and, later, brain-damaged and delusional) and Kamaria Ray in a Zeon
> detention camp. That big house with all the Federation-spy servants
> _belonged_ to Amuro, if I recall correctly, and not because the Feds gave
> it to him.

Or he was simply considered too dangerous by Fed to set loose.
On 4 Mar 99, at 14:39, Mark Simmons wrote:

> >My impresprsion is that Hathaway could had got Earth residence
> >otherways if he wanted.
> Hm, interesting. So the strings were there, but he chose not to
> pull 'em...

Of course, that's only if the post of biological observer doesn't
require some connection, too. I think Hathaway's tone "It's a great
priviliage just to be on Earth itself." implies it does, but it can go
either way. Or maybe he just liked to protest like his father.

> Probe writes,

> > Besides, they're just following a _Zionic_ philosophy of
> > protecting Mother Earth by removing humans... the spacenoids
> > shouldn't becomplaining!

As mark noted, the ommited word "All", makes all the difference.

> > Does his record include the fact that he stole a Jegan
> >during a military maneuver and proceeded to cold-bloodedly
> >murder Chien?
> As Jim has noted earlier, the Hathaway novels follow the CCA
> novel continuity, in which Hathaway's actions play out rather
> differently...

In addition, Hathaway's behavior certainly invited comparsion to
Amuro, Camille Vidan, etc. I believe that comparision was made by
one of the cabinet member.(Don't know if he made it.)

In case of Chien Agi, I had always argued that Hathway was
involved in self-defense, since Chien did shoot at his direction.
Chien stole the RE-Gz, Hathaway jumped on a Jegan to chase after
her, .... If federation recovered gun-cameras on both MS, that's
what the recording will show.


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