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<< I have more confidce in Sega, and truely hope they get their act together.
 Sega and Nintendo can easily support themselves through first-party
 production, The only thing that made the Playstation so successful was there
 third party support (Sony made no good games). The Sega Saturn was by far a
 beastier machine then playstation, it just that SOA's CEO was a complete
 idiot and didn't support the system. It also had a difficult system to
 program, thus lost a lot of good third party companies (like Capcom and
 Konami). >>

I really like Sega and hope they get their act together, too. The new CEO of
Sega sounds like he knows what he's doing, as I read Next Generation and they
had an interview with him in an issue. Next Generation is a great magazine, as
its informative and mature(opinion wise), Compared to other game mags.

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