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<< Hmm, the graphics sure looked good, but then again we are watching the
 footage in a tiny window. Wonder how good it will look when blown up to
 the full TV screen... (footages for previous games looked equally good
 when shrunk to the same size). I can't help but feel that the Dreamcast is
 once again doomed, after Sony went public with their plans for the
 PlayStation 2. While the technology involved provides a paradigm shift,
 it seems like character (human) oriented game would benefit the most from
 Sony's "emotion" technology, but real world physics model of gravity and
 distinction between different materials sure could help make a Gundam game
 look and feel more real than what you could accomplish on the Dreamcast.
 I guess I'll wait until the Dreamcast becomes a clearance item at TRU, like
 the Saturn...

I have been reading about the Dreamcast, and theres going to be three mecha
games for it before this year ends. PlayStation 2 sounds good, but its going
to cost about $420!! in Japan!! Remember when Saturn costed $399 on its
release date, not enough third party support and its release date price,
doomed Saturn from the start, in my opinion. I am getting a Dreamcast when its
released in the US. The Dreamcast is going to have at least Capccom's and
Konami's support, if Sega plays their cards right, they could have a great
couple of years. I will probably buy a PS 2 also, as I can still play PS games
and PS 2 games, on the one machine and Sony will probably stay number one for
quite awhile, no matter what Sega and lazy Nintendo throws at Sony and its
various PlayStation upgrades, Sony will still come out the best.

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