[gundam][OT] GUNDAM FOOTAGE and Video Games

Michael Garner (msg@cgocable.net)
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 23:47:39 -0500

>Hmm, the graphics sure looked good, but then again we are watching the
>footage in a tiny window. Wonder how good it will look when blown up to
>the full TV screen... (footages for previous games looked equally good
>when shrunk to the same size).

Well I could tell they're quite nice just by the frame rate, the smoothness
and the large amount of polygons being used (and still having the frame
rate). It looks much closer to an arcade machine then the Playstation or
even the N64. But this is obvious since it a better system...

>I can't help but feel that the Dreamcast is once again doomed, after Sony
went >public with their plans for the PlayStation 2. While the technology
involved >provides a paradigm shift, it seems like character (human)
oriented game >would benefit the most from Sony's "emotion" technology, but
real world >physics model of gravity and distinction between different
materials sure could >help make a Gundam game look and feel more real than
what you could >accomplish on the Dreamcast.

I have more confidce in Sega, and truely hope they get their act together.
Sega and Nintendo can easily support themselves through first-party
production, The only thing that made the Playstation so successful was there
third party support (Sony made no good games). The Sega Saturn was by far a
beastier machine then playstation, it just that SOA's CEO was a complete
idiot and didn't support the system. It also had a difficult system to
program, thus lost a lot of good third party companies (like Capcom and

>I guess I'll wait until the Dreamcast becomes a clearance item at TRU, like
>the Saturn...

You shouldn't be so pessistimistic :-p. Sorry for being so off topic.


Michael Garner

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