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oops, sorry about that last post, I'm trying to get used to this new mail client

Mark Simmons wrote:

> Except that the Federation isn't removing _all_ the humans - they're just
> booting all the low-class neighbors off the planet so they can enjoy it for
> themselves. This selfishness appears to reach its logical conclusion in
> Gaia Gear, in which MaHa rebels against the Federation and attempts to
> seize Earth for itself.

hmmm, seems like the Feds get it wrong wth the 'elite' forces again...of course
it nevr happened with the Londo Bell...

> Probe writes,
> > Does his record include the fact that he stole a Jegan
> >during a military maneuver and proceeded to cold-bloodedly murder Chien?

I was wondering that myself...

> As Jim has noted earlier, the Hathaway novels follow the CCA novel
> continuity, in which Hathaway's actions play out rather differently...

Ooops, I forgot about the novel. So how different is Hatahway's character in the
novel cf the movie? Does Hathaway make significant contribution to the novel

Michael Ip

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