Re: [gundam] Turn A Gundam returns!

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 15:17:11 -0700 (MST)

> > I liked it better when it was called G-Gundam (Just kidding).
> Hmm, do you not mean the glorious return of the P-Gundam with his shining-P
> attack? Got to say, I do miss those funny-damn assed Adventures of
> P-Gundam.

   Hah hah hah!
   Actually, I do have some more episodes of P-Gundam on the backburner,
that never got finished because I never got much feedback. Including the
episode with the P-Gundam Zero, also known as the PC-Gundam, which, on
exposure to the Devil-Music nanotech virus gets converted into the deadly
evil PC-Thug Gundam. It later turns out that the viruses are being spread
by the evil Devil-Music gundam who's turning normal gundams into his
nefarious "Grey Slacker Army". For example, the Rapper-Gundam becomes the
Gangsta-Rapper Gundam, the Fratboy gundam becomes the Drunken Fratboy
Gundam, the Skater-Gundam becomes the Grunge-Skater Gundam, etc, everclear
Gundam becomes the Neverclear Gundam, you get the idea!

> > Isn't this what we were hoping/expecting 8MST to be about?
> But was it? I didn't really expect too much except it'd have much more MS
> battles than Gundam 0080. I think those expected really nitty gritty

  Well, when we first heard about it we were speculating that it would be
about a team of Federation Anti-MS _infantry_ that were out there trying
to take down Zakus with hand-grenades and bombs (and I think one of the
early animations suggested this?) We were also expecting alot more
tanks-planes versus MS type battles. Not another 'Team Gundam' show!

> action battle OAV type of deal (of which I was one of ) got dissapointed a
> great deal, thanks to Shiro. But I must say I kinda like the direction
> this particular OAV wound up.

  Yes, it tried to recover SOME credibility, albeit at the very end.

> > here! "Arnold Schwartznegger stars as Murry Ray in: Mobile Suit Gundam,
> Yeesh, that's a scary thought. Almost as bad as Mortal Kombat, the video

  Eeerigh. Giant Robots? There's alot of possibility for campiness there
if you're not careful!

> Couple of question. Is Iron Cross (aka the rumored live action Gundam
> series/TV special) <=>G-Saviour (The confirmed live-action/CG Gundam
> series/TV special)? Or rather, what the heck happened to G-Saviour, and is
> it being brought to US?

  I was under the impression that these both were cancelled or on Hiatus?
And I thought G-Savior was going to be a one-shot movie only?

> Am I the only one thinking that Bandai stands to make tons of $$$ with
> Gundam toys if they start out with something like G Gundam? After all,
> there are a lot of Gundams to turn into action figures, with pilot
> figureines, core fighters galore, etc. etc. etc. And let's not forget the
> Giant Assed Devil Gundam.

  Very true, and they DID come out with some (albeit very expensive and
not that good) toys for the series.

> A Scary thought. TurnA Gundam and the US. Why else would Bandai hire Syd
> Mead (fairly respected by many, with the exception of this ML--faction led
> by Probie) and that Capcom Character Designer (who'se chara design is
> widely recognized in US from tons and tons of Capcom fighting games)? Just
> a coincidence? You connect the dots and tell me.

  The man's got a point here!
  It sounds like this show was geared to be a US marketting extravaganza,
but who knows what's really going to happen now!


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