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Wed, 03 Mar 1999 18:53:00 -0800

At 13:54 3/3/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>The NRX-005 Bound Doc in MS mode stood 29.7 meters counting the "ears" and
>>27.3 meters to the top of the head. In MA mode, it was 27.2 meters long by
>>15.2 meters wide by 13.0 to 19.3 meters high.
>>At 1:144 scale, that's 206.25 cm, 189.58 cm, 188.89 cm, 105.56 cm, 90.28 cm
>>and 134.03 cm, respectively.
>Someone probably pointed this out already, but I think you multiplied by
>an extra digit with the 1:144 scale numbers. Can you imagine a resin kit
>standing at 206.25cm (2.063 meters) tall?! 24,800 yen for all that would be
>a total bargain.

No, 'twas a simple typo: I typed "cm" when what I meant was "mm"....


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