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> But to base an entire series on this sort of thing? Hrrrrrm. Somehow I
>don't see anime ever getting as 'gritty' as HG Wells. A show based on
>something like the original War of the Worlds (my personal favorite
>invasion story, and I've read LOTS) is just too 'dirty' for anime to
>handle (I'm referring towards the end of the war when humanity is pretty
>much on its knees and reverting to a feral state).

Well, there was SPT Layzner, in which the Earth was pretty much conquered
except for the resistance movement and its lone SPT.

And didn't the Earth get walked over pretty good by Aura Battlers in Dunbine?

Mospeada's Earth got thoroughly trashed by the Invid, who knocked down our
house of cards and then retreated tot heir hives, leaving the humans to
fight it out amongst themselves.

Lots of good story potential here, and not a Turn-A: Defender of the
Universe among them....


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