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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
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On 3 Mar 99, at 13:44, Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Jim Huang wrote:
> > speaking, almost all Taiwanese were Japanese citizen/subject
> > between 1896-7 to 1945. And Taiwanese who were in Japan and
> > stayed after the war kept their Japanese citizenship.(They do have
> > to adopt Japanese style name) So it's not all about blood-tie.
> Can you clarify? There's a big difference between citizens and subjects.
> Until a few years ago, I, being born in a British colony, was a British
> subject but not a citizen. That means I paid tax to Queen and Country,
> but was not allowed to see Queen and visit Country without a tourist visa.
> In fact it was easier for a British subject to visit France and a French
> citizen to visit Britian than for a British subject to visit Britian.

Taiwanese could travel to Japan during the colonial era without
documents. The passport(Required for travel to China/Manchuria in
that era) I saw, as far as I can recall, looked identical.(No special
remark, etc. But it had been a while) Not BNO/CI/other travel
docement as UK issued in Hong Kong. Of course, being Asian, the
passport did list Family Origin(Taiwan instead of say
Kagoshima/Aichi/etc.), so people can tell he wasn't from Japan
mainland.(Of course, since my maternal grandfather didn't adopt a
Japanese lastname, there is no hidding it.)
> Most colonial powers would not pay the price of diluted racial purity in
> their citizentry in exchange for the control and profits of a colony.

The goal of the Japanese was different: Look at Okinawan, that's
what Taiwanese would mostly to be like today had Taiwan stayed
part of Japan.Taiwanese was suppose to adopt Japanese name,
language, cultures, etc. and become part of Japanese race.
There was Taiwanese Peer in Imperial House of Lord. Taiwanese
elected from Taiwan to sit in Imperial Diet. And many other things
Hong Konger didn't got to do under U.K.(I know there was/is Hong
Kong-born ethnic Chinese MP, but elected from somewhere in
England, not from HK) But then, HKer wasn't drafted by U.K.
military, either.

I can't remember what the Japanese slogan was at that time, but it's
similiar to Chinese slogan "the Unity of 5 Races" (Han, Manchurian,
Mongolian, East Turk, Tibetan) Or even liked the "Uninted Kingdom
of G.B. and N.I". I don't think many people would dispute that whole
Ireland was a colony of England. And by accquiring
colony/protectorate, the "parent" nation do expand/dilute the race,
quite often in the past. I guess it's all depends on how they judges
the prospect of assimilation.

In the Gundam context, if Federation took the Chinese/Japanese
view, than "Under the sky, all is royal land. From land to sea, all
people are Imperial subject." I think Federation pretty much
operate on that viewpoint.

Jim Huang
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