Re: [gundam] [MODEL] New MG models?

Paul Lampshire (
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 23:48:48 -0000

>>Not bothered, one way or the other. It'd be nice to have the full set
>It's a interesting situation. The MG GP-01 was made because the GP-01
>Fb could be made also by adding a few more trees,

Ah. I don't have that one...


>>>1YW MSV's
>>Just as long as they don't do the perfect Gundam.
>I would be VERY curious to see what Katoki would do with the MSV
>Perfect Gundam. His illustration of the Full Armor RX-78 in the
>Sentinel book leads me to think he would do one hell of a job on it.

I've not seen it. I have to say that the SD Perfect Gundam looks pretty neat
though. And the Perfect Gundam was the first *normal* [Not SD] Gundam I ever

I still think it looks goofy though...

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