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At 11:12 AM 3/3/99 , Chien Ting Chin wrote:
>On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Y. Choe wrote:
>> Mark S., any word on the VIZ sales of Gundam0079 Comic? I'd be the
>> in line to buy the issue no.1, the entire graphic novel, etc. etc.
>May I cut in? From what I've heard, issue no.1 is coming out this
>At the rate 1 issue per episode, it's gonna cost a lot of mullahs to
>the whole TV series. A few of us had the honor to be beta testers (Y
>included) for issue no.1. Here is the letter I wrote to the publisher:
> ------------------
>Twenty years ago, we joyously sat down to watch the first episodes of
>another giant robot anime show. But very quickly, we realized something
>is different: there is a deeper complicated story behind the
>crisis-of-the-week formula show. We were spellbound by the cast of
>characters as well as the robots and we maintained our attention span
>a story that took almost a full year to finish. Gundam raised the bar
>high that afterwards, we were not so impressionable any more. The
>memories of 0079 lingers for twenty years.
>When I heard that Gundam is finally coming to America, I was delighted.
>Now my friends, young and old, can appreciate for themselves this epic
>tale. But boy was I surprised to see the comic book myself! I almost
>hate to say it, but I really like the Westernized drawing style. The
>characters look beautiful, it's as if every panel is a portrait. The
>mobile suits and ships are crisp and finely detailed. What a change
>the anime! And what you have done to the White Base is fantastic. The
>White Base was one of the weaker designs of the original anime, but by
>adjusting the proportions slightly, you have given it the Midas' touch!
>The results has doubled the realistic and believable quality of the
>original anime. I really look forward to seeing the other ships and
>mobile suits in the future issues. Thanks for the good start, keep it
>PS: It would be really cool if you include a page or so of technical
>profile together with 1 or 2 orthogonal views of the ships and mobile
>suits of Gundam. One ship or mobile suit per issue would be quite

Me, I cannot wait. I am going to buy the Gundam 0079 comics book 1-4 in

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