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On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Jim Huang wrote:
> speaking, almost all Taiwanese were Japanese citizen/subject
> between 1896-7 to 1945. And Taiwanese who were in Japan and
> stayed after the war kept their Japanese citizenship.(They do have
> to adopt Japanese style name) So it's not all about blood-tie.

Can you clarify? There's a big difference between citizens and subjects.
Until a few years ago, I, being born in a British colony, was a British
subject but not a citizen. That means I paid tax to Queen and Country,
but was not allowed to see Queen and visit Country without a tourist visa.
In fact it was easier for a British subject to visit France and a French
citizen to visit Britian than for a British subject to visit Britian.

Most colonial powers would not pay the price of diluted racial purity in
their citizentry in exchange for the control and profits of a colony.

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