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>> "Turn-A, SLAAAAAASH!"
>> <removes crescent from face and throws it at enemy>
>> <crescent turns into a shining sliver of minovsky particles and slices
>>through the enemy before returning to the turn-A's hand, weheupon it glowes
>>once, before it is returned to the face...>
>Don't laugh too soon. That was my thought exactly, hence my "Sailor Suit
>Gundam" comment. Maybe Sunrise had that idea, too.
>Only it would've just slice through _one_enemy. It the tradition of the
>electrified boomerang that dates back to Seabed Boy Marine and evolved into
>the favored weapon of Gatchaman Ken, it'd _ricochet_ off at least three
>enemies before returning to its proper place on its own.
>"Turn-A Moon Crescent Attaaaaaaack!"

        Yah, it might even be a coponent of a super-weapon, the key element or
something, like when it attaches to a beam saber it becomes a beam

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