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Mark Simmons (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 00:47:25 -0800

Chien Ting Chin writes,

>I've always wonder what this really means. EF sounds like a stronger
>(i.e. more centralized) union than UN.

  Yes, absolutely; Sunrise specifically says that the Earth Federation is
_not_ like the UN. Given that some descriptions of its governing
structure echo that of the UN, it could perhaps be a development of the
relatively feeble modern organization. At any rate, in UC Gundam the
unification of Earth's nations takes place _before_ colonization begins,
whereas in AC Gundam it takes place long after...

>Would EU be comparable? I would guess not.

  The EU is certainly a stronger alliance than the UN, NAFTA, or even
NATO; it even has a common trans-national currency. But it's not quite at
Federation level yet...

>So the comparison could be similar to the bigger
>countries of today: USA, Canada or China, with a centralized government
>(that also happens to recuit and run the armed forces) overseeing
>provinces/states that are self-governing in local politics.

  Could very well be. Remember, the United States is technically a
federation. :-)

>Of course I am really posing a question: is the above somewhat sensible?

  Not necessarily plausible, given the degree to which nationalism
controls real-world politics, but as a leap of faith it's one that many,
many sci-fi stories ask us to make.

Probe writes,

> So not only are the Space-Cylinders colonies of the Fed, but effectively
>all of _Earth_ is a Federation "colony" as well! I.e., all the territories
>are more like 'protectorates' than nation/states anymore.

  Very astute, Probe. Maybe that's why ZZ's African Liberation Front are
aligned with the Zeons; they feel their nation is just as much a colony
as Side 3 was. And, for that matter, a colony nation that was forced to
deport 80-90% of its population.

-- Mark

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