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Y. Choe (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 00:49:35 -0800

> "Oh no! Our collective herb farm is being attacked by the evil Zoanoids
> from the Planet Moon! What ever shall we do?"
> "I'll save the day!"
> "Oh look! It's Upside-Down-A Boy with his Upside-Down-A Gundam! Yeaaa!"
> "Take this you eeeevil Moonie! UPSIDE DOWN-A MUSTACHE ATTACK!"
> "We love you Upside Down-A Gundam! And that Mustache is just so
> macho!(Swoon)"
> I liked it better when it was called G-Gundam (Just kidding).

Hmm, do you not mean the glorious return of the P-Gundam with his shining-P
attack? Got to say, I do miss those funny-damn assed Adventures of
> > Actually, it'd be interesting to see a Titan humbled through the use of
> > good old guerilla warfare. The US got it's donkey kicked around but
> Isn't this what we were hoping/expecting 8MST to be about?
> And what did we get instead?

But was it? I didn't really expect too much except it'd have much more MS
battles than Gundam 0080. I think those expected really nitty gritty
action battle OAV type of deal (of which I was one of ) got dissapointed a
great deal, thanks to Shiro. But I must say I kinda like the direction
this particular OAV wound up.
> Phew! Maybe it's a _good_ thing that Gundam never got popular
> here! "Arnold Schwartznegger stars as Murry Ray in: Mobile Suit Gundam,
> Mission: Make Earth go Boom now! Coming to theatres soon!"

Yeesh, that's a scary thought. Almost as bad as Mortal Kombat, the video
game turned movie turned really silly syndicated series.

Couple of question. Is Iron Cross (aka the rumored live action Gundam
series/TV special) <=>G-Saviour (The confirmed live-action/CG Gundam
series/TV special)? Or rather, what the heck happened to G-Saviour, and is
it being brought to US?

Mark S., any word on the VIZ sales of Gundam0079 Comic? I'd be the first
in line to buy the issue no.1, the entire graphic novel, etc. etc. etc.

Am I the only one thinking that Bandai stands to make tons of $$$ with
Gundam toys if they start out with something like G Gundam? After all,
there are a lot of Gundams to turn into action figures, with pilot
figureines, core fighters galore, etc. etc. etc. And let's not forget the
Giant Assed Devil Gundam.

A Scary thought. TurnA Gundam and the US. Why else would Bandai hire Syd
Mead (fairly respected by many, with the exception of this ML--faction led
by Probie) and that Capcom Character Designer (who'se chara design is
widely recognized in US from tons and tons of Capcom fighting games)? Just
a coincidence? You connect the dots and tell me.

Y. "Y-files" Choe
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