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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 00:37:35 -0700 (MST)

> > But what kind of SHOW is this going to be like? I mean, we've got one
> 40 meters is more like 130 feet, but no matter. It'd be the same type of
> show as when conventional 20th Century tech goes up against invaders from
> space in regular SF. David and Goliath, with David's ass in the sling
> until someone comes up with the requisite neolithic ammunition. ("Ass"
  Or the "Super Robot from our Ancient Past: The Junchoo-- I mean, L.Gaim
Mk.II.. I mean, Tallgee--- Wait, this time it's the Upside-Down-A Gundam!"
  Seriously, it _sounds_ like an excuse to have plots like this:

"Oh no! Our collective herb farm is being attacked by the evil Zoanoids
from the Planet Moon! What ever shall we do?"
"I'll save the day!"
"Oh look! It's Upside-Down-A Boy with his Upside-Down-A Gundam! Yeaaa!"
"Take this you eeeevil Moonie! UPSIDE DOWN-A MUSTACHE ATTACK!"
"We love you Upside Down-A Gundam! And that Mustache is just so

  I liked it better when it was called G-Gundam (Just kidding).

> You may recall that the Martian tripods had things pretty much their own
> way until they started fooling with Mother Nature. And then there was that

  The Tripods kicked butt! But the fact of the matter is that they went
around romping on the Earth until the fact that they didn't eat their
Space-Vitamins (Or were sampling too much of the local cuisine) fried 'em.
  But to base an entire series on this sort of thing? Hrrrrrm. Somehow I
don't see anime ever getting as 'gritty' as HG Wells. A show based on
something like the original War of the Worlds (my personal favorite
invasion story, and I've read LOTS) is just too 'dirty' for anime to
handle (I'm referring towards the end of the war when humanity is pretty
much on its knees and reverting to a feral state).

> laser-eyed airborne robot versus the howitzer in Laputa....

  Well, that was a particularly well-done case that didn't last very long
either. Certainly there was no attempt to make a _series_ based on that
sort of thing!

> Actually, it'd be interesting to see a Titan humbled through the use of
> good old guerilla warfare. The US got it's donkey kicked around but good

  Isn't this what we were hoping/expecting 8MST to be about?
  And what did we get instead?

> > The new WWW movie will feature a kick-butt giant four-legged monstrous
> >MECHA monster!
> Ah, but it won't be the same without Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless....

  True, I miss that old show, it was one of my favorites. Wonder if
they'll keep the old theme music?
  Geez, with all the '60s remakes coming out this year, I wonder how long
it will be before we get a "I Dream of Jeanie" and "Gilligan's Island"
remake? Phew! Maybe it's a _good_ thing that Gundam never got popular
here! "Arnold Schwartznegger stars as Murry Ray in: Mobile Suit Gundam,
Mission: Make Earth go Boom now! Coming to theatres soon!"

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