Re: [gundam] Orphans Of The Ecliptic

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 00:24:50 -0700 (MST)

> Well, as we all know, after a couple of generations American immigrants
> become completely absorbed into the "melting pot" and lose any trace of
> their ethnic identity. :-)

  Heh heh... that's the idea...
  Of course, if _I_ ruled the Fed, I'd make sure that the populations we
were repatriating into space were thoroughly mixed together so I didn't
have "Cyber Serbs versus Space-Croats fighting for Racial Purity" going
on in my space colonies! Better to break up and 'homogenize' the
population so they're much more likely to pledge allegiance to the Greater

> seperate national identity. In fact, the chief beef of ZZ's African
> Liberation Front is that the Federation has restored and reinforced the
> imperialistic hegemony of the Europeans, in the name of planetary unification.

  So not only are the Space-Cylinders colonies of the Fed, but effectively
all of _Earth_ is a Federation "colony" as well! I.e., all the territories
are more like 'protectorates' than nation/states anymore.

> Only an issue if the Japanese bloodline system is the standard policy
> of the Earth Federation. This seems like a slim risk, since with no other
> nations to exclude, they may be presumed to be Federation citizens by default.

  That would be my bet!
  After all we've said and complained about the Fed, doesn't it make sense
they'd go for the 'simple solution' of making everyone a citizen of the
Federation (Except those independant JEF guys)

> There _is_ no Japan in Gundam. Japan the land mass, sure; Japan the
> ethnic heritage, almost certainly. But Japan the autonomous nation? Nope.

  Right, after all, what _point_ would there be in having national
citizenships in the Fed era? After all, we've seen people travel freely
between sides, etc, without having to apply for Visas and other crap like
that... wouldn't having artificial nationalities in space simply make
trade, travel and commerce needlessly complex?

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