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> Conversely, those with insufficient blood relationship can't become
> citizens. This is why 3rd- and 4th-generation Japanese volleyball players
> had to travel to America using Korean passports -- their grandparents were
> Korean, so they were not and could never be Japanese, despite subsequent
> intermarriage. The Japanese who married their Korean forebears lost their
> citizenship in the process, rather than conferring it on their spouses, as
> would be the case in America.

I don't know how Japanese law applies to Korean, but one branch of
my family(My grandfather's cousin), are Japanese citizens. They
were in Machuria and for their own reason went to Japan instead of
return to Taiwan after the war. I had also seen my maternal
grandfather's old Japanese passport.(And on WWII era family
register, my mother's name was "Wako". I didn't know that until we
dig out old documents for immigration purpose.) Generally
speaking, almost all Taiwanese were Japanese citizen/subject
between 1896-7 to 1945. And Taiwanese who were in Japan and
stayed after the war kept their Japanese citizenship.(They do have
to adopt Japanese style name) So it's not all about blood-tie.
> This brings us to the question of Federation citizenship. By American
> laws, everyone would be a citizen of the Federation because they were born
> into it -- there's no other government. On the other hand, their still
> seem to be nations and nationalities. If we apply Japanese laws, everyone
> would be a _member_ of the Federation to some degree, but a _citizen_ of
> whatever nationality with which they had a blood relation.

> Given that "entire populations" were uprooted and transported to space, it
> follows that the colonies so produced would be nationalities of one
> bloodline or another and the colonist would be citizens of those
> nationalities....

By the Japanese colonial model, all the people in federation colony
will be considered Federation citizen/subject. Or like Mark said, all
colonist are granted citizenship of colony's parent nation, whether
they wanted it or not.

Jim Huang

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