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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 23:06:26 -0700 (MST)

> The why did they go out of their way to "nationalize" the White Base crew?
> We've got Briton Bright Noah, French Sayla Maas, Agentine Ryu Josť, Puerto
> Rican Kai Shiden and German Frau Bow, plus Japanese Amuro Ray, Mirai

  Is that really talked about _in_ the series or in various side-story/EB
type things? At least, from the Gundam I've seen I've seen people say
stuff like "I'm from Australia" but not necessarily "I'm Australian"

> Yashima and Hayato Kobayashi. If there are no nationalities, why should
> there be any ethnicities after three generations in solar-powered melting-pots?

  Hrrm... There might be more like 'side ethnicities' after three
generations.... colonies colonized by people not necessarily from
particular countries but possibly more from various geographical regions.
Personally I don't LIKE the idea of "Earth Countries in Space" which leads
into the bogosity of G-Gundam's "Neo-insert-country-here" silliness.
  I prefer to think of the Fed as a neo-Roman Empire, where they'd be
careful to mix repatriated people around so their overall loyalty remains
to the Fed/Rome and not to their individual origin-countries. After all,
there's no point feeling like an American in space if the people you live
with come from Africa, Europe, and Asia.

> And what about the "caretaker" residents of Earth, who are definitely
> ethnic? Are they not perpetuating and preserving their respective national

  Are they really? Or rather, we kinda see this in V-Gundam but isn't this
more of a sort of quaint museum-ism of the Fed? I.e., "Come on a tour of
Old London, cheerfully restored to you by the Federation Light Opera
Society. Come Dine by the Thames but remember to bring your Federation
Express card because on Earth, we don't take credit!"

> >>Given that "entire populations" were uprooted and transported to space, it
> >>follows that the colonies so produced would be nationalities of one
> >>bloodline or another and the colonist would be citizens of those

  I don't think that's particularly realistic from a neo-poltic point of
view, and besides, the Fed was established _before_ the expatriation of
humanity, so countries, technically, didn't _exist_ for people to be
citizens of by the time they were shot into space, right? It would make as
much sense then as saying "I'm a citizen of Dayton, Ohio" does today.

> The point I wanted to make, and apparently failed to convey, was that,
> under the Japanese bloodline system, true orphans like the Gang of Three
> would be stateless persons, because they're too young to know who their
> parents were and thus unable to establish their nationality. This is a big

  Why should we necessarily assume that this archaic 'bloodline' system
would be enforced in the Federation or anywhere else? (Other than the fact
that, hey, it's a Japanese show, they can do anything the want). Frankly,
the whole blood thing smells too much like some sort of state-sponsored
racism/jingoism to me, like it was with race here in the US just a
hundred years ago!.

> problem now in the Czech Republic, which uses the same system and has
> thousands of kids who can't be classified as citizens and are thus
> ineligible for the state protection that they so desperately need.

  Right... again, it seems like an archaic cruel method of enforcing
'ethnic purity', a mentality that's rapidly turning the former Soviet
block countries into a destabilizing cancer in Europe.

> The Gang of Three lucked out and were adopted by Hayato and Frau Kobayashi,
> thus becoming citizens of Japan. Or maybe German, if the Japanese cut
> Hayato lose for marrying outside the clan....

  Or simply "Feds"!
  After all, Hayato is retired Fed militia (or whatever) I assume the Fed
would 'work things out' for people in the service. I.e., you have or adopt
kids, they're automatically covered.

  Besides, after the Zionic Holocaust of the 1YW, having something as
archaic and backward as individual "Historic Nationalities" would make as
much sense as me being a citizen of a country that doesn't even exist
anymore simply because one branch of my family came from there two
generations ago! What purpose would that serve?


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