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On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
> is the reason why Sunrise now objects so strongly to the "UNT Spacy"
> term. Unlike the United Nations, the Earth Federation is a fusion of
> previously independent nations, not an alliance between them.

I've always wonder what this really means. EF sounds like a stronger
(i.e. more centralized) union than UN. Would EU be comparable? I would
guess not. Since (sadly) a real nation is often defined by its military
forces, the EF should be considered one nation, since there's one and only
one well-defined army structure (as opposed to the ill-defined UN
Peace-Keeper troops). So the comparison could be similar to the bigger
countries of today: USA, Canada or China, with a centralized government
(that also happens to recuit and run the armed forces) overseeing
provinces/states that are self-governing in local politics.

Of course I am really posing a question: is the above somewhat sensible?
But really I don't see how it can be otherwise. You need an army
structure with a clear chain of command to fight an organized enemy
(Zeon). Someone has to control this army structure, and whoever this
(person or committee or whatever) is, s/he/it must be damn close to the
true power of the whole EF.

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