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Mark Simmons (
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Dafydd writes,

>The why did they go out of their way to "nationalize" the White Base crew?

  That's ethnicity, not nationality. Speaking of which...

>If there are no nationalities, why should there be any ethnicities after
>three generations in solar-powered melting-pots?

  Well, as we all know, after a couple of generations American immigrants
become completely absorbed into the "melting pot" and lose any trace of
their ethnic identity. :-)

  Regardless, it's not like the characters' purported ethnic origins have
any bearing on the story. The provision of these isolated, dramatically
irrelevant factoids doesn't overrule the stated fact that the Federation
has eliminated any concept of national sovereignty.

>And what about the "caretaker" residents of Earth, who are definitely
>ethnic? Are they not perpetuating and preserving their respective national

  Of course they are. That doesn't mean that, say, Algeria remains a
seperate national identity. In fact, the chief beef of ZZ's African
Liberation Front is that the Federation has restored and reinforced the
imperialistic hegemony of the Europeans, in the name of planetary unification.

>The point I wanted to make, and apparently failed to convey, was that,
>under the Japanese bloodline system, true orphans like the Gang of Three
>would be stateless persons, because they're too young to know who their
>parents were and thus unable to establish their nationality.

  Only an issue if the Japanese bloodline system is the standard policy
of the Earth Federation. This seems like a slim risk, since with no other
nations to exclude, they may be presumed to be Federation citizens by default.

>The Gang of Three lucked out and were adopted by Hayato and Frau Kobayashi,
>thus becoming citizens of Japan.

  There _is_ no Japan in Gundam. Japan the land mass, sure; Japan the
ethnic heritage, almost certainly. But Japan the autonomous nation? Nope.

-- Mark

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