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Dafydd writes,

>This brings us to the question of Federation citizenship. By American
>laws, everyone would be a citizen of the Federation because they were born
>into it -- there's no other government. On the other hand, their still
>seem to be nations and nationalities. If we apply Japanese laws, everyone
>would be a _member_ of the Federation to some degree, but a _citizen_ of
>whatever nationality with which they had a blood relation.

  Not really; there aren't any nationalities to speak of in Gundam, which
is the reason why Sunrise now objects so strongly to the "UNT Spacy"
term. Unlike the United Nations, the Earth Federation is a fusion of
previously independent nations, not an alliance between them.

>Given that "entire populations" were uprooted and transported to space, it
>follows that the colonies so produced would be nationalities of one
>bloodline or another and the colonist would be citizens of those

  Actually, this premise applies more properly to the Gundam W universe.
If you read the AC timeline
<>, you'll see that the big
crackdown on the space colonies comes when the Alliance reasserts the
sovereignty of its member nations over the colonies that they'd
previously established.

-- Mark

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