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>> Which reminds me. The "19th Century" technology ascribed to Turn-A is in
>> the ballpark for what Mark deems WW1 technology. Everything used in WW1
> Pretty much yeah.
> But what kind of SHOW is this going to be like? I mean, we've got one
>side with spaceships, super-powered 120foot tall mechanized giant weapons,
>beam cannons, laser swords, big giant glowing googly eyes... And on the
>other side we've got armored cars, AAA-guns, and biplanes. Oooh... sounds
>like a fair heroic fight!

40 meters is more like 130 feet, but no matter. It'd be the same type of
show as when conventional 20th Century tech goes up against invaders from
space in regular SF. David and Goliath, with David's ass in the sling
until someone comes up with the requisite neolithic ammunition. ("Ass"
here denotes a commonplace Middle Eastern beast of burden)

You may recall that the Martian tripods had things pretty much their own
way until they started fooling with Mother Nature. And then there was that
laser-eyed airborne robot versus the howitzer in Laputa....

Actually, it'd be interesting to see a Titan humbled through the use of
good old guerilla warfare. The US got it's donkey kicked around but good
in Vietnam when the poor peasant army refused to stand up and fight like a
man against its high-tech weapons and took to sniping, hit-and-run and
tunnel warfare instead.

> The new WWW movie will feature a kick-butt giant four-legged monstrous
>MECHA monster!

Ah, but it won't be the same without Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless....


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